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Clay Candle Holders!

Clay Candle Holders!

June 4, 2024

As we reach the end of school year, our Foundation of Arts students found their artistic styles through clay work. Over the course of May, students learned various clay work techniques to created custom...

Theater Club Partners With Broadway Bridges

Students Immerse in the World of Theater
Jenna Mclean, Editor May 23, 2024

In an exciting partnership between Broadway Bridges and the NYC Department of Education, Leadership and Public Service High School scholars can attend Broadway shows at a reduced cost. The initiative...


Alter-Ego Self-Portraits

March 19, 2024

An alter-ego is a different version of yourself that you keep hidden away. It is a fictional idea but has its roots in reality. It is often used in horror films because the idea of having another personality/persona...

Art & Music: A Harmonious Project

Art & Music: A Harmonious Project

Ms. Alexis Fudge February 16, 2024

Foundations of art started off the new semester on a good note, with their new project titled art and music. Students used recycled materials to create a work of art that turns music into a visual spectacle....

Participate in Fun Days

How To Make A Friend

Overcoming Shyness and Building Lasting Friendships
Kalis Harrison and Persius Cisse February 16, 2024

As 11th graders, Persius and I know that high school can be an exciting and challenging time for many students, especially when it comes to making friends and combating shyness. The good news is...

Advisories Watch Clean Energy Documentary

Energy Action Day

Green Team Calls for Sustainability
John Ottomanelli, Green Team Adviser December 22, 2023

There are many concerns that we face in our modern society.  But it has become very clear that climate change is among the top issues that we must address.  Floods that paralyze the transportation...

Ms. Fudges Classroom

Science and Art Departments Adapt to Changes

Kylie Allston, Staff Reporter December 19, 2023

Leadership & Public Service H.S. has adjusted well to sharing its building with another school on its 30th anniversary.  In students' eyes, it may not seem like a drastic change since classrooms are...

Kalis Harrison’s Science Research Summer Internship

A Junior's Profile
Gabrielle Hayes, Staff Reporter December 14, 2023

The day-to-day of high school life can be daunting.  Kalis Harrison, Class of 2025, grounds herself by taking full advantage of programs that strengthen her sense of purpose.  As a rising junior,...

Alexis Huerta Reyes’ Internship at BlackRock

A 12th grader's profile
Gabrielle Hayes, Staff Reporter November 30, 2023

Nervous yet optimistic, with a head full of dreams, teens enter the world of high school.  Aside from the standard academic program, Leadership students are introduced to free career and mentoring...

Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon

Katherine Lucero, Contributor, Class of 2025 November 9, 2023

Leadership & Public Service High School’s student government hosted its annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with a themed luncheon in the school lobby. While music played, $5 To-Go...

Los estudiantes se deleitan al crear arte

Translated by Denisse Merino, Jenna McLean and YiXin Zheng May 25, 2023
Fudge mantiene a nuestra escuela al día con un boletín mensual del Departamento de Artes.
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