Thoughts About Guns in America

Staff Writers

“Metal detectors in schools are needed to reassure student’s safety.  Some students post weapons on social media.  Therefore, social media check-ups are necessary.  Especially for school age children and teenagers.” 

Cynthia L. 


“Congress should have an age limit on purchasing guns just as there is regarding the purchase of alcohol.  Asking for ID plus background checks on everyone attempting to purchase firearms.”

Jenilca R.


LEAD Staff:

“Each state has a different set of rules for gun ownership.  The Second Amendment should be regulated by the Federal government.  It is not safe to have more guns than people in the streets of the U.S.A.”

“There are too many mass shootings in our country.  The most recent shooting in Robb Elementary, Uvalde, Texas was committed by a young person serious issues.  What does it take to make sure weapons don’t get to the hands of the wrong people?”