After-school Program Open to All LEAD Students

A Youth Lounge, Quiet Space, Test Prep, Dance, Art, extended day at Leadership.

The stairs lead to a large colorful room with comfy sofas. There are teenagers talking and laughing.  Supervisors are asking students for their names and stamping their hand.  Picture IDs and vaccination status are checked.  As early as 2:30 pm, everyone is offered a wide selection of food. It’s a new and delicious menu everyday!  This is Trinity Youth, it is located at 109 Greenwich Street.  If you are a Leadership student, Trinity Commons is just a few doors down the block! 

According to Ms Jennifer Chinn,  director of youth and community partnerships at Trinity, Leadership students are very active in the program.  LEAD news asked her how engaged the school is and she said,  “In addition to working with the Trinity Youth team in the earliest development of the Trinity Youth program, Leadership students are one of the largest groups attending the after school. Over 150 Leadership students are enrolled in Trinity Youth, which is over 30% of the school!  In the pilot program, in the fall of 2021, early college students and the Leadership Panthers, boys’ basketball team, were amazing ambassadors for what is now called “the after school”. We could not have done this without you all” said Jennifer Chinn. 

One of the programs is the volleyball club.  It meets every Monday and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Mondays are dedicated to teaching skills such as learning how to serve and set. Thursdays are for playing actual games.

Kaytlin Quiles

There is also an open basketball program.  Daniel Murray, a junior, is a regular on the basketball court.  LEAD asked Daniel what he personally likes about the basketball program, and he said “it’s free and people from lots of schools come and play which creates good competition.” He also said he comes to make new friends and prove his skills.

Kaytlin Quiles


See you soon at the Trinity Youth after school program!