Here’s how LEAD students feel about masks in schools

Ana Rezende, Staff Writer

As of March 7, wearing masks is now optional in New York state. In a recent survey, Lead News asked students to answer questions about wearing masks in school.

Over half of students at Leadership and Public Service High School said they did not feel safe with removing their masks because they were nervous about diseases and germs, including the COVID-19 virus, which affect us if we are not wearing a mask.

Anayeli Avila, a sophomore at Leadership High School said “When COVID-19 came, it was a shock for everyone.  We were not careful and we needed to know how to take care of ourselves more.  By using masks, we must protect ourselves.” 

Chart showing student opinions about masks in schools

The other half of students and a few teachers who responded to the survey feel more comfortable if they can choose to wear a mask or not.  Other students said they stopped wearing masks because they can breathe better, speak better and are able to meet more people. 

“It was really hard to hear what the students were saying, and it was very uncomfortable,” said Mr. Vadim Feyder, an English teacher. 

Out of the students surveyed, only 17.4%  responded that they are not comfortable wearing a mask. They said they worried about other illnesses aside from COVID-19. 

Still, many expressed excitement about removing their masks.

“I’m super comfortable so I don’t need to wear masks but I feel totally free and full of life, I can breathe and talk better,” said Daniel Delgado, another sophomore. “There were times when I needed to repeat myself to people when I spoke, it was super uncomfortable. Now we don’t need to use it anymore.  I’m very happy.”