MCNY – Associates Degree in Public Administration

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What is the MCNY Program? Leadership’s partnership with the Metropolitan College of New York is made possible by Trinity Wall Street.  Students can apply in the 9th grade to graduate with an associates degree in public administration.   The program started during the Fall of 2020.  The goal is to prepare for jobs in non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. The program is part of ongoing work with Trinity Church Wall Street  to provide support for students  academically  and socially.

LEAD news asked Ms.Regina, the school’s current 11th grade guidance counselor, questions about how the project started.  Ms.. Regina stated that “The program started because Leadership  has two programs, we have a general program and then there’s a business program so we were contacted by two different schools to do a pilot early college program and with the support of Trinity Church and so we created this opportunity for students”.

Aside from graduating with an Associates degree, students develop friendships and meaningful relationships with teachers.  Everyone is very supportive.

The MCNY program  has shown progress and student interest keeps growing.  Ms. Regina said, “In every cohort we do see a little bit of drop off, We have lost students due to the Trinity Covid-19 vaccination policy.  Some students also had a hard time engaging and balancing college  courses and high school courses.“  Nevertheless, students from the three cohorts had stated that this program is an amazing opportunity given to them to prepare for success towards a bright future. 

“ With the Associates degree, I hope to have a head start in my career choice. It helps me in being aware of  my community needs, which falls in line with the Government category ” said Caitlyn Gopie, an 11th grader  from Cohort 3.

The 10th grader, Farrah Zhou from Cohort 2 said, “I hope I can do something involving people and have a career where I get to work with people and technology.” 

” I manage to do well in MCNY by organizing  my schedule for the week and taking time off to study the material given to us and to do my homework” said Katherine Lucero

” MCNY has helped me in many ways but I think the most impactful  one is  teaching me how to balance between a busy schedule, because having regular classes, college classes, hobbies and all these extracurricular really made me manage myself better without stressing myself “ said Caitlyn Gopie.

If you’re interested in joining the MCNY program please talk to Ms. Regina and Ms.Thomas.

Denisse Merino, Editor