Leadership & Public Service High School: A Male Student Perspective on the State of the Boy’s Bathroom on the 11th Floor


       While Leadership & Public Service High School prides itself on offering quality education and dedicated faculty, one area many students have criticized is the boy’s bathroom on the 11th floor, which is in need of major improvements.

      A majority of students interviewed by Lead News expressed concerns about the boy’s bathroom on the 11th floor. They cited the lack of functioning stalls, doors, and soap dispensers as some of the issues, and said the bathroom’s location is inconvenient for students on other floors.

” The bathroom is dirty and the right stall is dirty.” said freshman Reggie. “I want to see the door fixed and soap to be added.”

Similarly, sophomore Marcus expressed dissatisfaction with the bathroom’s condition and requested functioning locks, 

I want to see locks actually working,” he said. 

Junior Darlyn said, “I want the stall on the right fixed and to actually have a working soap dispenser.”

Senior Omali made it clear that the bathroom did not meet his expectations, saying, “the bathroom most definitely does not meet my expectations.”

It’s clear from these responses that the boy’s bathroom on the 11th floor has several issues that need to be addressed. To improve the situation, the school should consider renovating the bathroom by replacing stalls, fixing broken locks and doors, and ensuring that soap dispensers are always filled. The school should also consider opening more bathrooms throughout the building to make them more accessible for students.

Another solution could be to establish a bathroom maintenance plan to ensure that the bathrooms are cleaned and restocked on a regular basis. Educating students on the importance of keeping the bathrooms clean could also be part of this plan.

Improving the boy’s bathroom on the 11th floor is crucial to creating a comfortable and safe environment for male students at Leadership & Public Service High School. As an essential part of the school, the bathroom should be a sanitary, accessible, and functional space for students to use. By addressing the concerns raised by the students, the school can work towards providing a better bathroom experience for all students.