Seniors Express Frustration Over Lack Of Trips

Denisse Merino, Reporter

Photographer: Yixin Z. Class of 2026

Leadership and Public Service High School seniors are frustrated by the lack of field trips they’re experiencing this school year. 


On June 15, 2021, then-New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced COVID-19 restrictions lifted as 70% of adult New Yorkers had received the first dose of the vaccine. From that time until now, there have been more than 200 school days with no field trips for seniors to take part in. 


For more than a year, the class of 2023 have been expressing their frustration and have asked their teachers, counselor, the assistant principal, the dean and the person in charge of the trips and activities about scheduling trips. Their requests and suggestions, however, have been brushed off. 


Seniors  haven’t had a trip for over two to three years which is outrageous.

We live in a beautiful city and it’s important to experience everything New York has to offer.


Senior Javier Lopez said  “Senior year is supposed to be the most exciting year to make memories with your classmates, but the school has not made it like that whatsoever. The students have a lack of motivation and the school spirit. We as seniors don’t know our senior plans like trips, graduation, or prom. They (the administration) are not acting and acknowledging us. Our guardians also need answers now before it’s too late.” 


Alisia Williams said “My friends [from other schools] always talk about their trips and we don’t really get to do that and in some ways, I feel envious of them although I know I shouldn’t.”  


Other grades have gone on trips. The 9th graders recently went to the Botanical Garden for their science class and Sophomores had a trip to College Fairs. The senior class however have never had a trip just for them. Senior Makayla Charles said that “We are tired of being the only grade that doesn’t get their own trips.” As a result, senior class spirit is at an all time low. Only two seniors attended the recent Freight Fest trip.


Lisbeth Victoriano also said ”I didn’t mind not having trips because I thought the school couldn’t take us even if they wanted to, but seeing the juniors have trips and activities shocked me. How come we’re the ones applying to colleges but we can’t go to college fairs? And it shows that they can take us places but they’re just choosing not to.”.


These are going to be the students who graduate next spring and who are seeing students in other grades get opportunities and experiences like trips to visit colleges or celebrations that they don’t have. 

According to Nations Classroom, an educational tour provider, “More than ever, students need their teachers to be strong advocates for the value of experiential and hands-on learning. One of the best hands-on learning experiences is taking part in a school trip.”

 It is this kind of learning and experiences that seniors said they are asking for.


There are a few museums around the Wall Street area such as the National Museum of the American Indian, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Museum of Jewish Heritage and The 9/11 Tribute Museum. 


Seniors are also suggesting going to : arcades, laser tag, museums, ice skating, movie trips, overnight trips, bowling, amusement parks, visit colleges, and many more.  


The Lead staff will be following up with administrators to get their response and we hope to have more answers regarding this topic soon.