This story was written as part of an AP Lit assignment.

A chicken sat on the hay covered floor and clucked as my grandfather picked it up.

Esta gallina puso algunos huevos. Se supone que saldrán del cascarón en cualquier momento.” He explained while showing us the eggs beneath her.

“Look one hatched, it’s yellow!” exclaimed my older sister excitedly as my grandfather handed it to her.

“I want it!” I cried eagerly, reaching for it.

¿La podemos tener?” My sister asked. We never had a pet, it was never allowed in our strict household. My parents said it would leave a mess everywhere. 

Si,Si claro que si.” Grandpa told us. 

It’s been a few days since my grandfather gave us our first pet, a chick.

We’ve been playing with the chick and decided it was finally time to name her. My sister and I noticed that whenever we were out in the sun with the chick, she would sleep in her hand snuggling because of the warmth. 

So naturally we named her Sol, sun in Spanish.

Sol would run around and I would chase her. She always preferred my sister. She would poop everywhere and my grandparents would make me clean it up. 

Sol slept in a small box in the corner of my sisters and I’s shared room. 

One night my sister decided to sleep with my grandma and I had the whole bed to myself. I was not allowed to have Sol on bed but tonight I wanted too, considering no one was here to stop me. 

I was playing with Sol, she would make tweeting sounds and curl up. I picked her up and was surprised when she started to sleep.. She had never done this before. I was shocked and layed down on the bed and started admiring her. 

The next day, I woke up and immediately my heart sunk into my stomach. Sol was missing. I checked her box and then suddenly remembered she might’ve fell out of my hand last night. 

I checked everywhere and couldn’t find her. I started to tear up and climbed my bed thinking of a lie to tell my sister and grandma. When I got on my bed, I froze and started crying.

There on the bed, layed Sol. She looked so hideous. Her beak was purple and was literally squished.

My grandparents ran into my room thinking I was bit by a scorpion. 

Que paso?” They all said. 

S-sol.” I cried and pointed at the bed.

My brother started laughing and everyone was scolding him and asking him to be mindful.

Esta bien mija.” My grandma started comforting me. I couldn’t stop crying. I wanted Sol.