One Bathroom Too Few: Boys Speak Up

Leadership & Public Service is a 14-story building with only one bathroom with two stalls opened for boys.  This leads to overcrowding and long wait times, especially during peak hours after lunch. The addition of more bathrooms can help alleviate the problem.

To gain insight, LEAD News interviewed custodial staff asking why there is only one restroom available to males. “The main reason for having only one bathroom available for the male population is due to problems in the pipes caused by the buildup of uric acid during the quarantine period, which is not only a problem for the boy’s bathroom but as well for the girls.  We have been doing our best to resolve the issue and are aware of the occurring difficulties going to the bathroom in Leadership.” Ms. Sara, the custodian explained. 

Students complain that a single bathroom with two toilets and two urinals for 124 males is not working.  The bathroom is also located on the 11th floor, which is inconvenient for students who are taking classes on the lower floors.   Classes are spread across eight floors, which means that the male students have to navigate multiple flights of stairs to reach the only available bathroom. This causes a waste of valuable time for them, especially during rush hours. Inadequate bathroom facilities can also lead to hygiene concerns, making it a matter of health for the students.  It is essential to consider adding more bathrooms for males.  

LEAD News met with Ms. Thomas, a guidance counselor, and asked her if she was aware of the situation. “I emphasize the importance of everyone playing a role in keeping the restrooms clean,” said Ms. Thomas, “regular maintenance and cleaning can help keep the bathroom facilities in good condition to reduce the risk of health and safety issues that may occur.” She encourages students to use the bathroom facilities responsibly and to report any issues or concerns to the administration. In addition, Ms. Thomas welcomed the idea of providing hygiene products, such as hand sanitizers, deodorant, toothbrushes, and even hygienic sprays in the bathroom if anyone was in need of any. The addition of these products can help promote cleanliness and hygiene and can also help keep everyone healthy. By providing hygiene products, the administration can demonstrate its commitment to ensuring students have a clean and hygienic restroom.

  LEADS News asked males in different grades questions about the conditions of the restroom.    Responses to “do you use the restroom in school” to “what do you think about its cleanliness and condition?” were in clear agreement.   Kyle, a junior, said “I often choose to delay using the bathroom until I am home due to the inconvenience of accessing the bathroom, particularly when I have classes on the lower floors”.  This highlights the need for better bathroom accessibility, which can significantly impact the daily routines, health, and experiences of the students.

 In addition to accessibility,  Karim and Adrean, also juniors, pointed out the need for better bathroom maintenance and the importance of having a clean and hygienic bathroom.   They suggested having better signage and providing clearer directions to help students quickly locate the bathroom.

This is a developing story.