Advice Letter #6

Letter #6

Dear Friend:

My close friend’s boyfriend is in two of my classes.  Lately, he’s been flirting with me a lot and trying to touch my hand and my hair when she’s not around.  I do not like drama so I’m not sure how to handle this.  I give him lots of attitude but he doesn’t stop.  Should I tell her? She is very jealous and protective of her boyfriend.  I’m afraid she might not believe me.



After reading what your situation is, I think it’s fair to be honest with your friend. I understand she is someone you are close with, however you should be honest with her regardless if she believes you or not. If she lets her jealousy, pride, and protectiveness get the best of her even though you were honest, then maybe you shouldn’t be friends with her. You matter also, and she should care that her boyfriend is also making YOU feel uncomfortable. Also, I’m not sure that you aware that this is sexual harassment.  Please tell a teacher or another adult in the building. He is out of line and you need to be protected.  Good luck!